About J.R. Sealey Pty Ltd

The extent of this company’s generalised loyalty belies the heart of our enterprise and its values. From small beginnings back in April, 1929, big things have grown. Three generations of one family have built the company to what it is today, delivering quality products and service with a strong retail presence. Patrick and Julie Sealey have been managing the business since 1994. They are the third generation of the Sealey family to continue the family business in Condobolin.

General Manager – Patrick Sealey 

The general manager of JR Sealey is Patrick (Pat) Sealey. Pat is also:

  • Qualified Mechanic, Tow Truck Driver, RMS Inspector (30 years) & Parts Interpreter.
  • Pat’s qualifications along with over 40 years of experience in the motor industry will provide you with total confidence when purchasing from JR Sealey.
Pat Sealey - General Manager

History of J.R. Sealey Pty Ltd

The business was founded by James Reardon Sealey in 1929 and has remained in the Sealey family ever since. The success of the business arises from continued excellence in customer service, giving rise to customer loyalty both in Condobolin and throughout the Central West region of New South Wales.

J.R. Sealey Pty Ltd is also proud to acknowledge its long membership with the “Autopro” franchise, which commenced in 1986. We are one of Autopro’s oldest members and we have been recognised for our “Loyalty” to the “Autopro” program.

JR Sealey joined the Motor Traders Association (MTA) on the 18th December, 1929. JR Sealey is very proud to be the second oldest member of the Motor Traders Association, Being the second oldest member of the association, JR Sealey has been prestigiously honoured by the MTA in Sydney on two occasions, for their membership loyalty.

The business has been owned & operated by the Sealey family to this day. The current owner since 1994 is Pat Sealey (General Manager) & his wife Julie Sealey (Business Manager). Patrick is the grandson of James Reardon Sealey.

History of JR Sealey

Contact JR Sealey
Address: 28 William Street, Condobolin NSW 2877
Phone: 0428 952 209
Email: jrsealeysales@bigpond.com
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm.
Saturday 9:00am – 12:00pm